Calendar Crushes 2014 (Pt. 2)

swatchbook_calendar_125As the days of this year dwindle down to a precious few, we conclude our look back at the calendars that made our hearts go “pitter pat” in 2014 with three more humdingers. And you can check out “Calendar Crushes 2014 Part 1” right here. (You can also browse through pretty much every calendar we’ve ever covered, as well.

Origami Calendar

You knew this one would make our list. How could it not – it’s probably the second most commented on piece we’ve ever run. (For the record, this remains the first.)

Shlomi Kramer, a designer for HP’s Indigo division, has a personal passion for raised ink, and the result on this 2014 calendar is a flight of design imagination that set my heart wings to fluttering. Using the theme of an origami bird, Kramer designed stunning illustrations – flocks coming together to form beautiful shapes in bright colors: flower, pagoda, sphere, leaf, ocean waves, snow-capped mountain. In the background are more shapes (lanterns, tree limbs, geometric patterns) printed in transparent ink.




Topographic Desk Calendar

Just when you think you’ve seen just about everything that can be done with a calendar, the TBWA Istanbul agency comes up with this intriguing topographic map for Land Rover. Not only is it a minor miracle of papercraft, it’s also a perfect fit for the go-anywhere off-roading lifestyle that Land Rover seeks to instill in us all. (FYI: There’s a different shade of paper for each month of the year.)




Colorful Swatchbook-like Calendar

With programs such as Outlook and iCal keeping track of our every task, appointment and breath, we no longer look to calendars for functionality anymore. But give us an interesting take on the old-fashioned paper calendar and you’ll catch our attention every time; give it a little nod to designer culture and we are all yours. Peter von Freyhold’s 2014 Color Matching Calendar (or FARBFÄCHERKALENDER) does both.


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