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pantone business cardsWhile we’re as willing to be seduced by a pretty but pointless business card as the next person, there’s something really nice about one that actually fills a need, however slight that need might be. This week we pop the question with a jeweler, hang around with an iPhone accessory firm, and give in to our Pantone cravings with a special business card holder. (For past Cool Cards of the Week, hop on over here.)

Jeweler’s Business Card

We’ve carried a torch for this card since we first clapped eyes on it last year simply because of the elegant way that it not only fits the business it represents perfectly, but also solves a problem that poppers-of-the-question have faced for generations. Simply sneak one of your intended’s rings from her finger or jewelry box, roll up the card, and slide it on to discover her ring size. Perfect! (And yes, the jewelry company is called “Marrying.”)

jewelry company business cardjewelry company business cardjewelry company business card


iPhone Accessory Firm Business Card

This one’s a bit of a head-scratcher in that the business card itself pretty much mimics the flagship product sold by the company, potentially cutting into its own sales. GoGoStand sells plastic stands that fold out to create a horizontal cradle for your iPhone. Taste of Ink used the stand’s same fold and die lines to create GoGoStands’ business card, meaning it functions very much like the product. Of course it’s probably missing some bells and whistles but still…

gogostand business card


Pantone Business Card Holders

Not actually business cards per se, these beauties still are functional, fashionable, and conceivably could be used AS business cards in some situations. (Trying to win over a big client? Why not present them with a business card holder full of your team’s individual cards?) Eight Pantone colors to choose from: Anthracite, Blanc de Blanc, Butterfly, Canal Blue, Indian Teal, Keepsake Lilac, Sunshine, Tangerine Tango, Tea. (Hand over $19 for each here.)

pantone business cards


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