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amber van mieghem resume designSo what exactly makes for a “cool design?” It can be extremely sophisticated or defiantly utilitarian. It can rejoice in its use of bold colors and lush papers, or (in the case of our first featured design) blow the doors off by pouring a wellspring of creativity into a joyfully tongue-in-cheek concept. (Looking for past Cool Designs of the Week? Here is where they’re hiding.)

Ez Office Aide Self-Promotion Kit Design

This direct-mail self-promotion kit from Singapore design studio Somewhere Else is the “But Wait, There’s More” of creative projects. Designed as an “interesting way to engage” large companies, the kit features (according to UnderConsideration):

  • “A multipurpose stencil that [for example] helps budget conscious office workers save glue or file their nails
  • An aggressive set of sticker labels to help workers organize their belongings
  • A sticker set of little ‘useful’ items workers can use to decorate their supposedly drab office cubicles
  • A set of mini-inspirational posters that seek to cheer users up.”

ez office aide self-promotion kitez office aide self-promotion kitez office aide self-promotion kit

Résumé Design

When it comes to landing that perfect job, a simple black and white CV isn’t going to cut it anymore, particularly if you’re selling yourself as an art director, designer or graphic artist. Belgian graphic designer Amber Van Mieghem has created a neat fold-out poster that not only tells you what you need to know about her skill set, but it also deftly communicates her fun and playful personality. Between the idiosyncratic folds and that cheeky, confident photo, who wouldn’t want to work with her?

amber van mieghem resume designamber van mieghem resume design

‘Game of Thrones’ Poster Design

No television series has done more to underscore the futility (and brevity) of life than “Game of Thrones,” and such a series has inspired a number of artistic endeavors over the years. Russian artist Ivan Belikov’s interpretations of the warring houses’ coat of arms has become a minor Internet sensation this month, and rightly so. From the plot-spoilery depiction of House Stark’s dire wolf  to the “we’re all gonna die now” firestorm of the dragon-choked House Targaryen, there’s a great deal to appreciate here. Bonus points for including excerpts from notebooks depicting the evolution of his hand-drawn typography, as well as the video showing the illustrations actually being drawn digitally. (More photos here. And you can purchase the posters here.)

Game of Thrones poster designGame of Thrones poster designGame of Thrones poster design



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