The Cube Calendar

The Cube CalendarA calendar is a calendar is a calendar. Sure, some are prettier than others (all right, some are insanely prettier than others), but by and large you know what you’re going to get. And then along comes The Cube Calendar, a boldly 3-dimensional take on time keeping that screams “art object” and “isn’t there some art missing?” simultaneously.

Amsterdam design firm Stroomberg has really come up with something here: a cube that gets whittled down day by day as you peel away each day’s tiny cardboard square. Every few days you also get a wise ‘n witty quote from the likes of Voltaire, Bertrand Russell and Nelson Mandela, presumably to blunt the sting of seeing your life gradually disappearing. Even the cube-like box it comes in has a trick or two up its sleeve:

“The Cube Calendar comes in a specially designed box that [ingeniously] folds around the cube without glue or other adhesive. If you lift the lid, the box falls open like origami, leaving the calendar to be picked up.”

The 2015 edition will be available in October.

The Cube CalendarThe Cube Calendar


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