Eco-friendly Mini-printer

printer_125When your career revolves around various uses of paper, trying to be environmentally responsible is always a tricky business. In fact, we often spend so much time working out the best eco-friendly papers to use for clients, it doesn’t even occur to us how much paper we waste in-house ourselves. For instance, how many times have you lamented your need to use an entire sheet of office paper to print out a coupon, telephone number, or other minuscule piece of information on the go?

Apparently the makers of the Cocodori compact printer had the same idea. This tiny little device enables you to select a small piece of information on your computer screen and print just that little bit to a 3-inch-wide slip of rolled paper. (Presumably the length depends on the length of what you’re printing.)  More helpful still, you can choose between normal paper or paper that’s sticky on one side to make sticky notes.

The Cocodori printer debuts in Japan on Jan. 31st at roughly $135.




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