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Moleskine Creative Cloud notebookAfter two years of grumblings between Adobe and Creative Suite users over its switch to the online subscription model of Creative Cloud, we forget how wonderful it is to see the software giant playing nicely with someone. Today, that someone is Moleskine. The paper notebook maker unveiled a Creative Cloud branded Notebook – Creative Cloud connected – and a companion app (iPhone only) that allows you to take a picture of your paper sketch and instantly import it (as a jpg or svg file) into your Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC application.

While the concept is nothing new – Moleskine began a similar arrangement with Evernote in 2012 – this pairing of real-world sketching with the most widely-used creative package is a very big deal indeed.

For those who still do some of their best creative work on paper, this eliminates the need to return to the studio, scan your design, save it, and import it into your program of choice. (A 49 second video preview circulated by Moleskine really sells this idea of being creative while on the go.)

Perhaps the only real question is how many graphic artists and designers still flesh out their ideas on paper? Are most people skipping that step and doing their rough sketches on their tablets these days? Please let us know how you work in the comments below.

Moleskine Creative Cloud notebookMoleskine Creative Cloud notebookMoleskine Creative Cloud notebook


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