Moleskine’s Evernote-Savvy Notebook

molekineFinally acknowledging that the digital world exists, beloved Italian notebook maker Moleskine on Aug. 24 announced a new line of notebooks specifically designed for use with the popular smartphone app Evernote.

Using the latest version of the app on your iPhone or Android device, you can now snap photos of the notes you’ve jotted down in your Evernote Smart Notebook and find them easily in their new digital form.

The pages in the new notebook are specially designed to improve your ability to photograph them. And once your notes and sketches are in Evernote, you can access them from any web-enabled device by saving them using key words.

The dime-size stickers that come with the notebook also allow you to further organize those notes. For example, just place the sticker with the airplane icon on a page, take a picture of that page, and you can then find all your notes that carry this sticker in your Evernote account.


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