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serendipite cardHowever much the modern world nudges us to beam, tap, and otherwise digi-kiss our devices together to exchange contact info, we remain firm believers in the beauty and creativity of the humble business card. And judging by the various amazing and intricate forms it takes these days, we’re not alone. Here are this week’s standouts.

Alter Edit

This one is as bittersweet as it is attention grabbing – a design studio’s card that “spins” its logo when you pull the card’s tab right and left. Bittersweet because when you go to the Alter Edit website, you’re informed that it only ran from 2012-2013, with its principals having now gone back to pursue “design studies.” Still…what a card!

Alter Edit card



We don’t know about you, but we usually have several books going at any one time: an un-put-downable novel (hello Gone Girl), a coffee-table design book, a slightly-easier-to-put-down biography. To keep our place in all of them we tend to resort to 3×5 index cards, but the things look so uninspiring visually.

Online bookstore Sérendipité came up with a bold solution to this in the form of a business card that doubles as a bookmark. Printed on an old Heidelberg press at Atelier typo de la Cité on smooth 350g paper, and designed by A3studio.

serendipite cardserendipite card



After clicking through their website, you might just want to spend a long weekend hanging out in the print shop of Badcass in Brittany, France. Embossing, debossing, branding, split fountain, deep impression – there doesn’t seem to be a lot they don’t do. To get an idea of just how intricate their work can be, look no further than their very own calling card.

Printed in gold AND silver foil, this vintage-damask-wallpaper inspired card is duplexed – olive green card stock on unbleached chipboard stock – with a different color and texture on front and back. Matte gold edge painting is simply the icing on a very lovely cake.


badcass card

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