Branding Bride & Groom

Lindsay and Ryan's Wedding InvitationsIn a society so informal that people’s Facebook photos are frequently the ones they use on their business’ website, there’s something slightly ridiculous about the arch formality of most wedding invitations.

More importantly, you rarely get a real sense of the two people at the center of all the attention. You certainly can’t say that about Atheneum Creative‘s wedding suite for Lindsay and Ryan.

From a fun and sassy illustration of the happy couple on their Save the Date card (seriously, check out the sheer amount of info on this card!) to letterpress printed hangtags and a swizzle stick with their own logo – the whole shebang cries “keep me!”

Lindsay and Ryan's Wedding InvitationsAnd Atheneum Creative carried that fun right into the ceremony programs themselves, featuring custom illustrations of the entire wedding party. Just a fun, fun use of paper all around 🙂

Lindsay and Ryan's Wedding InvitationsLindsay and Ryan's Wedding InvitationsLindsay and Ryan's Wedding Invitations


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