Great! HOW Was it for You?

Von Glitschka printPaperSpecs Poobah Sabine Lenz hit the ground running at the annual HOW Design Live event, and popped off these little snaps in between making new friends, hugging old ones, and dashing across the Hyatt Regency Chicago to grab some killer swag. (And, ahem, if she doesn’t present her hardworking little elves back at PaperSpecs Towers with some choice items from that swag, they’ll be giving Grumpy Cat a run for his money.)

Take a Letter

If you’re not feeling a little faint over these brand new Strathmore note cards from Mohawk, there’s quite frankly nothing to be done about you.

strathmore notecardsstrathmore notecards


One of the perks of hittin’ the HOW: first crack at new swatchbooks like French Paper Co.’s Kraft-Tone!

French Paper Co.'s Kraft-Tone swatchbookFrench Paper Co.'s Kraft-Tone swatchbook


Neenah’s ‘Artists Alley’

We’re not sure how they did it but between the kick-ass backdrop created by Design Army to a steady flow of artists signing their gorgeous prints, Neenah was a serious contender for “belle of the ball.” Here are just two: Molly Z (with Neenah’s Sarah Baker) and Von Glitschka with Sabine. (And don’t forget you can still pick up Von’s new Beauty of Engraving print!)

Molly Z and Neenah Paper's Sarah Baker

Von Glitschka and Sabine Lenz


Those Once-in-a-Lifetime HOW Experiences

OK, maybe “once in a lifetime” is overselling it a bit but c’mon, there are some really fun and unusual activities that take place at HOW. (Not that I’m going to reveal what happens after hours – your secrets are safe with me…just keep sending payments to the usual place 😉 )

Take the setup at the Wheels4Water booth. We at PaperSpecs have been big fans of these guys and their personal crusade to bring fresh drinking water to the Third World for a while now, and were thrilled beyond measure to see them at HOW. And naturally Sabine couldn’t resist taking part in their ride-a-mile-on-a-stationary-bike challenge with co-founder Justin Ahrens 🙂

Wheels4Water's Justin Ahrens and Sabine LenzWheels4Water's Justin Ahrens and Sabine Lenz

And not to be outdone, International Paper offered a one-of-a-kind experience all their own with this Matrix-like bullet-time 360-degree image experience. I mean how do you top that?

Sabine Lenz


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