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album business cardThis month’s HOW Live event is a great opportunity to meet industry luminaries, pick up some awesome swag, and give those new business cards of yours a great workout. If you’re not happy with your current ones, here’s some fresh inspiration to help you redesign them for NEXT YEAR’s get-together. This week, we get our vinyl groove back, rediscover the ’80s, and ponder a diecut puzzle card that feels like an intelligence test. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found right over here.)

Record Album Business Card

Have a thing for vinyl? Vitor Bonates certainly does, and used that passion as inspiration for an intriguing two-piece card. The album cover boasts his name and the words “graphic designer,” while the record inside has his contact details. He’s also carried over this album theme to his website.

album business card


’80s-style Business Card

TV and trailer editor RC Zimmerling went for a fun retro card that evokes the eponymous decade celebrated in the name of his company: Designed by Samarskaya & Partners and printed by IST Printing, the hot foil stamping and black background neatly capture the video game aesthetic of the 1980s.

retro business card

Diecut Puzzle Business Card

There’s no hiding it – this is probably the most intriguing card we’ve seen this year. Phillippe Cossette designed this piece for his creative agency, Akufen. We’ll let CardObserver explain how this beauty works:

“This design company has a great work environment where everyone who works there are good friends. As such, each personal business card for an employee actually has everyone’s name on it, it shows how well they work together as a coherent team. To personalize the cards, each comes with a slide-in envelope which has little windows cut out in a unique pattern so that when the card is slid into the packet the individual details are revealed.”

Can you imagine EVER throwing this card away? Neither can we!



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