2-in-1 Holiday Cards

cards_125We like to think we bring many positive qualities to this world. Still, when it comes to keeping up with our holiday mailings, we’re lucky if we can fire off the occasional Christmas card, and even that’s bound to be a little late. Apparently we’re not the only one with this problem. Advertising agency Colle + McVoy have come up with eight “Holiday Mashup” cards that each tackle two separate holidays.

The “Happy Holiyears” card, for example, would’ve come in handy recently with its depiction of Santa Claus on the outside and a festive woman boasting a “2014” necklace on the inside.


We’re especially fond of the blind-embossed boxes these cards come in. In fact, the only oversight we can see is the fact that we have no idea how to get our hands on them!



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