What Have You Done to my Briefs?!

tbwa1The amount and quality of design talent out there goes far beyond the finished print product, and certainly beyond our shores. Take the design department at the advertising firm TBWAHuntLascaris in Johannesburg, which responded to the briefs it received from clients in an unusually straightforward manner.

TBWA cut up the paper each brief was printed on, along with the cardboard bag it was attached to, transforming them into painstakingly crafted, intricate paper models representing the essence of the brand itself. A brief for an air freshener, for example, became an air-freshener canister spraying into existence a bouquet of flowers; one for Mainstay vodka became the brand’s iconic ship in a bottle.



These were then sent back to the clients, who promptly framed them as works of art. Meanwhile, the amount of new briefs received by TBWA grew by 450%. Check out what imagination, an eye for detail, and excellent papercraft can do:



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