Invercote G Upgraded

invercote_G_125This summer, Iggesund will be improving its best-selling Invercote G by giving it a lightly coated reverse side. As Iggesund’s Arvid Sundblad explained it in the official press murmurings this week, “More and more brand owners want to have access to high-quality reverse side printing, for example in order to print a color shade or pattern which improves recognition and reinforces their brand.”

Invercote G: New Benefits

Sundblad adds, “The reverse side coating is very light – it improves the printing properties, but still keeps the tactile feeling of roughness.” Up till now, Invercote G has been triple-coated on the print side with an uncoated reverse.

Specs for the upgraded Invercote G, as well as sample and trial material, will be available early next month. Invercote G itself hits the market on July 1st.



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