Letterpress ‘Love’ Card Pack

letterpress love cards2

On the whole we’ve been pretty fortunate when it comes to getting designers to open up about their creations on PaperSpecs – our constantly-updated PaperSpecs Gallery is a living testament to that fact. Still, we do occasionally come across a designer who proves difficult to reach, perhaps choosing to let their work speak for itself. Fair enough. But after repeated attempts to acquire additional information about Andrei Robu’s stunning letterpress love card pack, we realized we couldn’t just sit on it – we had to share it.

letterpress love cards

Exquisite tuck boxes are pretty common these days, spurred by a host of designer playing card decks that seem to pop up with the ubiquity of mushrooms after a morning shower. Still, the delicate nature and fine detail to be found on the letterpress love card box is a joy to behold, and sets the stage for what’s to come both on the back…

letterpress love cards5

…and inside the package.

letterpress love cards4

With no information forthcoming from Andrei, we’re left to play paper detective. (Then again, we LOVE to play paper detective.) Perhaps the biggest surprise with these eight cards is that they all appear to be engraved – definitely not something you see every day.

letterpress love cards3

The level of detail here is stunning, expertly marrying typography with artistic sensibilities that evoke some of the best street art the world’s largest cities have to offer. Would we love to know what paper Andrei used, how long it took him to make these cards, who printed them, or indeed how many packs were made over all – absolutely. But then again maybe this pack DOES speak for itself. Like the emotion these cards celebrate, we know not where love comes from or how it is made – we can only appreciate it while it’s present, savoring every glorious detail as long as we can. (And if love comes in a foil stamped tuck box, all the better.)

letterpress love cards6




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