Genius is a Rubber Stamp

stampede1There is, of course, no end to the number of pathetic, ridiculous ideas mankind insists on dreaming up when it should be cleaning house or rehanging the towel bar. But there are also ideas so mind-bogglingly simple-yet-genius that they can occasionally bring you to tears.

The Stampede – a pre-inked rubber stamp that transforms all of your paper photos into postcards – definitely leans toward that latter category…even more so because it was dreamt up by a labradoodle.


Yes (oh please not another one), this is yet another product in the Kickstarter stage of creation with 11 days to go, and about $4,000 more to raise. But the idea is beautiful in its simplicity, who wouldn’t want to use this for at least a few photos, and did we mention the labradoodle?


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