Finally! Straight-Cutting Scissors

scissors1We are not insufferable regarding our own accomplishments in this industry (we hope), but occasionally we do relax with a glass of wine and think “not bad” when a project comes off looking good. We might even glow a little.

And in the next instant we can be found huddling in the corner in a sea of paper shreds after trying to cut something out evenly. Little in this world leaves us feeling like a backward 9 year old quite like trying to use a pair of scissors to cut a straight line.

Hungarian art-and-design student Tamás Fekete says that he has created “linear” scissors that are crafted in such a way as to use a table edge as a guide for cutting a perfectly straight line. “The shape of the handle also diverts the excess material out of the way while cutting, which protects the fingers and ease[s] the forward movement.”


Which is all well and good, Tamás, but please, please…tell a world of poor scissor users how we can get a pair!


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