That Fragrance Smells Like Magenta

peacock_parfumerie1by Sabine Lenz

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How do you translate the sublime pleasures of scent into packaging designed to make perfume bottles fly off store shelves? As we learned, it begins with color.


To differentiate between the nine scents in the Peacock Parfumerie collection of mid-market fragrances, San Francisco designer Rosslyn Kasman came up with “a color story based off that scent name and what color it would evoke,” she explains. For example, “we used a deep gorgeous rich magenta for Allure, cyan turquoise for Daydream, and a bold red for Courage.”

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So far, so good. But Kasman had also hit upon the idea of closing the box by tying the front panel to the side of the package with a colored ribbon – different ribbons that had to be matched to each box’s color. This detail made the project all the more challenging.

“There’s greater flexibility in terms of printing and not as much when it comes to sourcing colored ribbons,” she admits.


“We had a lot of challenges on the PMS colors because they were 9 special,” adds Heather Hitchcock, account executive at Calitho, which produced the boxes. “We were basically matching the colors on press to a PMS color, yes, but also to the ribbon. [Kasman] spent hours and hours taking these ribbons and finding just the right PMS color… .We took that PMS color, we did draw-downs, and we tried to get as close as we could. You’re not usually mixing UV inks on press, but we did little tweaks here and there because they were close but not right until ink hit the paper.”

After all the worries over color and the endless press checks, Kasman is sanguine about the whole experience. “I think the color really sells the product, and really tells a story about scent.”

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