Breakthrough Electronic Ink for Paper

If you think that documobi’s iPR technology is cool (See Sabine’s TIP), you’re going to love this news as well.

Scientists at Illinois University have developed a reactive silver ink for printing high-performance electronics such as antennas, batteries, sensors and solar energy devices on flexible materials such as paper, plastic and fabric substrates.

Most conductive inks used currently rely on small metal particles suspended in the ink. This new product is a transparent solution of silver acetate and ammonia. The silver remains dissolved in the solution until it is printed, and then the liquid evaporates, yielding conductive features.

There are definite advantages: it has a low processing temperature, is fast to make (minutes vs. hours), is stable for several weeks, can print through nozzles, and has a low viscosity making it suitable for inkjet printing, direct ink writing or airbrush spraying.

Read more about it here.


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