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pop-up photographer's cardOur quest for the perfect business card continues, taking us into some unusual areas indeed. This week we get our tattoos topped up, go on a miniature photo shoot with a photographer, and get trippy with hand-painted calling cards from Russia. (For past cool cards of the week, head on over here.)

Photographer’s Pop-up Business Card

OK, technically this is a pop-up postcard but really, what’s a business card anyway? Something you hand another person so that they remember who you are and what you do, and this piece more than ticks those boxes.

Open this card from Danny Cohen and there’s…Danny Cohen. (Reminds us a bit of Dylan’s card.) Not only that, there’s his whole studio as he prepares to photograph a uniformed gentleman riding a polar bear. Each card has 13 tabs attached using double-sided tape so this one’s slightly on the hand-made side, but wow!

pop-up photographer's cardpop-up photographer's card

Tattoo Artist’s Business Card

Cool, engaging, and just a little dangerous – that’s how we like our tattoo artists…and their cards. The design Chad Michael came up with for Dagger & Co. seems to anticipate two types of clientele. The front has the name of the shop copper foil stamped on matte charcoal card stock, perfect for business people who want tats but still want a whiff of class. The back is letterpress printed in two colors and features the artist’s name and contact details, as well as the Dagger & Co. logo (featuring a dagger and snakes) that almost appears to be a seal – definitely appealing to the more hardcore tattoo fan. (Did we mention the snakes?)

Dagger & Co business cardDagger & Co business card


 Graphic Designer’s Business Card

As much as we’re gaga for paper, if you show us something spectacular crafted from another material, we’ll go with it. And go with it we’ve done with Ruslan Khasanov’s handmade PVC cards. Here he explains the construction process:

“I put acrylic paint of different colors on transparencies, and until the paint has not yet dried, to mixed up colors, I merged transparencies together and placed under the press, then I cut transparencies on cards and signed them with white lacquer marker. I made about 40 cards, and each card is unique and has its own pattern. Because the basis is transparencies these cards can be viewed against the light studying how layered these beautiful color patterns.”

More images can be found here.

graphic designer's business cardgraphic designer's business cardgraphic designer's business card


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