Eye Catching

From the moment I saw the spot clear foil printed in register over that incredibly blue eye on the front cover, I knew this “eye-catching” self-promotional piece was worth casting my own graphic design eye over.

Designed and printed by Vision Graphics, the high-end marketing brochure features the company’s press capabilities and shows just how fun and effective print can be.

The perfect bound pages are staggered, which allows for comparisons of the various types of coatings, substrates, presses (offset, digital and wide format), and techniques (metallic inks, Staccato imaging) used. A perfed panel on the back cover provides a take-away gift sure to entice (a 25% discount).

Their creative substrate choices show precisely how to add visual and tactile impact. The subtle effects of aqueous on Topkote Dull, the translucent interest of the Digital UV Ultra II, the quirky mesh banner, and the unexpected flexibility of the Super Smooth Pet Blockout banner had me wide-eyed.

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Project Details

Title Eye Catching Client Vision Graphics Inc. Date November 2013 Design Michele McCreath
Tyson Polzkill
Print Vision Graphics Inc.
Loveland, CO
Paper Oji Paper Topkote Dull 78 lb. Cover & 100 lb. Book,
Neenah Paper UV/Ultra II Digital Radiant White 28 lb. Writing, Mesh banner and SuperSmooth Pet Blockout banner

Production Details

Dimensions 9" x 7.5" Page Count 22 + 1st page, last page fly sheets + cover Print Quantity 1,000 Production Time 2 weeks Printing Method Offset, digital and wide format Number of Colors Front: CMYK + metallic blue 8202 + metallic red 8883
Back: CMYK + metallic orange + metallic purple 8102 + 2x metallic blue 8202 + spot soft touch aqueous
Front: CMYK + spot gloss aqueous + spot soft touch aqueous
Back: CMYK + metallic 8202 + spot gloss aqueous + 2x spot soft touch aqueous + spot pearlized varnish
Finishing and Binding Front cover: spot clear foil stamp register to print
Back Cover: one perforation along 7.5" dimension
Cover: trimmed & collated text
Text: wide format sheets (with 1/8" Head,Foot, Face trim) & 1/16" spine trim). PUR perfect bind along 7.5" dimension. Staggered pages.


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