Cool Design: ‘Live at the Distillery’ Invitation

distillery invitation design

Something magical happens when a design studio crafts something for itself without the usual back-and-forth with (let’s face it) less adventurous clients. For its first ever “Live at the Distillery” music-and-talk event, Sydney’s The Distillery crafted these adorable, letterpress-printed invitations. One promoted a performance by local singer Melodie Nelson, the other a talk by “craft-based designer” Kitiya Plasmas. According to The Distillery, “The letterpress-printed invitation we produced mimics the shape of an old vinyl record and was particularly inspired by the psychedelic picture discs popular in the 1960s, that were often coupled with elaborately decorated sleeves.

distillery invitation design

“Letterpress impression allowed us to exaggerate the circular grooves of the record.” The 2-color halftone was letterpress printed onto a 600 gsm cotton sheet. You really have to love the clean way that the design communicates the date and time of the event while still looking like a label one would find on a record.

distillery invitation design

Of course what really makes this invitation design stand out is the die-cut sleeve that not only highlights the event details with a colorful circular boarder, but also neatly shows off the studio’s ornate logo.

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distillery invitation design


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