A Revolution that’s Fit to Print

mohawk_makerquarterly1There is a silent revolution underway; a backlash against the ubiquity, sterility and soullessness of the digital age. It’s been dubbed “the Maker Movement” by some, and Mohawk has claimed the cause as its own.

Recently it launched the “Mohawk Maker” campaign; Vice President of Marketing Bart Robinson described makers this way in a statement:

“All you have to do is visit your local farmer’s market, an entrepreneurial start-up business, or an experienced fine artisan to witness the maker movement… .They want to be inspired, empowered and connected to their communities in a more meaningful way.”


To buttress this movement, Mohawk has launched two quarterly publications and a promotion, all printed on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Ultrawhite:

The Mohawk Declaration of Craft
The manifesto for the movement, this promo showcases Mohawk’s respect for local makers, as well as heritage and innovation. It features a cover that is foil stamped and blind embossed, partially printed with ProMetal silver type, and smoke grey foil stamp.

The Mohawk Craft Cooperative
Aimed squarely at printers, this 8-page, tabloid-style foldout quarterly is packed with tips to help printers grow their business through an emphasis on craftsmanship, work with the mill, and sell print in a digital world. Printed with eight color UV inks.

mohawk_makerquarterly3The Mohawk Maker Quarterly
With creatives in mind, this publication is the vehicle by which the “maker movement” is to be publicized, highlighting the stories of printers, artists, designers, photographers and other artisans who create their wares using the craftsmanship and ideals championed by the movement.

In a detail that emphasizes that digital, in small doses, can be a valuable tool for makers, each publication includes videos, animations and images that can be experienced using the new Mohawk Live augmented-reality smartphone app.

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