Desperation Thy Name is iPad Envy

If there’s been a theme in magazines this year, it’s probably been “Our magazine can do anything your iPad can do…with a little help from an iPad.” Earlier this month it was Milwaukee Magazine’s print/iPad hybrid, now it’s an ad for the Lexus 2013 ES in the Oct. 15th print edition of Sports Illustrated that, well… suppose you just watch the video below:


“Most traditional mashups feature print ads that redirect to a digital experience away from the printed page,” explain the press materials in a not-too-disguised dig at the QR Code revolution. “CinePrint Technology flips that on its head, creating a tactile and visceral connection that brings one closer to the printed page.”

Nope, sorry. While we all can appreciate the great strides made in iPad app design, this ad, like the Milwaukee Magazine experiment before it, makes print look like the title character in “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Paper is not some cadaver that needs animating – it boasts sophisticated visual, tactile and even olfactory qualities you’ll never tease out of a tablet computer.

As for the “CinePrint Technology” of which Lexus is so proud, “no special paper or ink was used,” Nancy Hubbell, Lexus Prestige Communications Manager, told PaperSpecs. “CinePrint is more of a technique than a technology.”

Meanwhile, if you want to see the precursor to this technology, please start watching the following video of ’50s children’s show “Winky Dink and You” starting around the 2:20 mark.



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