Of Mews and Machine Guns

gunskittens1bCreatives revel in their innate wackiness and, given a reasonable amount of success, will invariably turn that wackiness loose on the branding for their own agency.

Take the case of freelance art director/creative director John Boone. Focusing mostly on television advertising, Boone’s work has ranged from launching the Lexus brand to blowing up a Ruby Tuesday restaurant…for some reason, we forget.

Anyway, we probably wouldn’t be devoting more than a thought to Mr. Boone if not for the name – and branding – of his company: Guns & Kittens.

In an industry where the competition truly is global, Boone proves that letting go of any restraint you feel in branding your own creative endeavor pays off in spades. Just imagine how many inquiries he gets based on his swag alone.


 [h/t: Communication Arts]


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