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crayon business cardCompetition is fierce out there, which means if you or your company have a disarming, playful personality, you want your business card to get that across straight away. This week, we leave a colorful mark, indulge a taste for hot dogs, and hold a graphic designer’s office in our hands.

Crayon-based Business Card

It took Toronto artist Dorota Pankowska more than a month to perfect this, but the result – a crayon essentially made out of crayons –  is certainly bound to get her noticed. As Design Taxi tells us,

“Pankowska had experimented on laser-cutting her preferred shape out of acrylic, before creating a rubber silicone mold of her design.”

While it’s pretty cool that her cards can be used to write and color just like a crayon, we have to wonder how recipients will react to a card that can mess up their clothes, purses and wallets. (More images here.)

crayon business cardcrayon business card


Hot Dog Shop’s Punch Card

While not technically a business card, this triplex punch card for Natedogs is subtly awesome, from the hotdog punch-outs to the yellow center layer of the card that evokes our favorite hotdog companion: mustard!

hotdog punch cardhotdog punch card


Graphic Designer’s Fold-out Business Card

What’s not to love about Ferrigno Adv’s fold-out leave behind/business card delivery system? Completely homemade the piece features a business card holder (the door), a pop-up of Adv hard at work, and even a window with interchangeable landscapes!

foldout business cardfoldout business card


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