‘Gold & Silver’ for the Creative Soul

victionary1It might be a heresy, but the truth is that a good portion of design rarely rises beyond the level of “serviceable.” (Considering the pressure of deadlines and the monotony of day-to-day projects, how could it be otherwise?) Yet occasionally you come across paper creations that act like a few quick hits of pure oxygen to the creative soul. And if you’re very lucky, somebody will package up dozens of those designs for you to dip into at your leisure.


Viction:ary [sic], an off-shoot of Victor Cheung’s Hong Kong design firm, Viction Workshop Ltd., has been publishing exquisite books that highlight some of the finest designs around, parceled out in volumes dedicated to different themes. The latest, “Gold & Silver: New Metallic Graphics,” is all about, well, metallic graphics, and is the designer’s equivalent of visiting Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory (“golden ticket” pun mercifully withheld).


Within its pages you will find a stunning collection of projects employing gold, silver and copper tones in the design of corporate identities, catalogs, stationery, direct-mail pieces and more. Techniques celebrated in this volume (which itself is wrapped in a stunning gold cover), include metallic coatings, pure gold plating, gilding, anodizing and others that are touted as being as pleasing to the touch as they are to the eye.


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