Spotify Concept Packaging

Spotify concept packagingWhile the very idea of design competitions has taken a knock on the noggin over the last few years (basically because it’s great design for little $$), it has to be said that they do generate some truly remarkable designs. Ironically, one of the best in recent months was for concept packaging to sell online music streaming site Spotify (basically great music for little $$). Leaving aside the economic ethics of both for the moment, we really love what Team 4 came up with during the SPICE:14 competition.

The challenge, of course, is that Spotify being a creature of the Web, it doesn’t necessarily lend itself to being packaged. The team decided to package the cable and components necessary to stream music from the website to a car’s stereo system, and even came up with an eye-catching POP display for the boxes. The idea is that these would be placed in gas stations and sold as a great way to enhance a family trip.

A brilliant job…which, in a perfect world, is just what these young people – design students at the Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm – would get out of the experience.

[H/T: Creative Bloq]

Spotify concept packagingSpotify concept packaging


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