Cartiere del Garda's 'Shades'

Shades promo“Shades” – the eighth book in Cartiere del Garda’s “A Better Project” series – explores its eponymous theme with the repetition of powerful images, all the while giving you a compelling tour of its line of quality papers. It does this by featuring the same 18 images, printed each time on different sheets, including GardaMatt Art, GardaMatt Ultra, GardaPat13 KLASSICA, GardaPat13 KIARA and GardaPat13 BIANKA. The following description comes from the official murmurings:

“Intended for a wide variety of color situations, printed from a single file with the same coated profile and the same density of color so that each sheet of paper can reveal its full potential. No other adjustments were made at the printing stage, thus allowing designers a neutral starting point from which to choose the best solution according to their needs and for future adaptations.”

PRO members, request a copy of the new Cartiere del Garda “Shades” book today!

Shades promo


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