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Labzeus: The Amazing
Work of an Alter Ego

May 2014

By Cyd Peroni

If Sasha Fierce was once the channel through which Beyoncé set stages across the world to rocking, then why can’t a designer tap into that same kind of inspiration for a little design gyration? While I’m not quite sure if wild hair tossing and hip shaking is akin to concepting and hand lettering, I do know the creative spark of alter ego has shaken it up for designer Brian Neumann a.k.a. Labzeus.

Neumann, who thinks of Labzeus as his moniker, won PaperSpecs’ Q1 2014 Take Note Award for his personal branding project. The winning piece, Labzeus Portfolio Kit, was initially created to help secure those first freelance clients after design school. During the process, it also helped to satisfy his craving for an array of fine printing and handcrafted techniques. More »