Wynn Las Vegas Stationery Set With Sculptured Emboss

We’ve all had that impulse to send someone a note from a swanky hotel with the words  “Having a lovely time, wish you were here.” But what if you could send a bit of “here” as well – particularly if your surroundings are super-stylish? 

This limited edition Signature Collection stationery set, designed for sale in Wynn Las Vegas’ store, features design details inspired by everything from the resort’s carpet and wallpaper patterns to the color scheme of its exterior.

Designed and produced by our good friends at Marc Friedland Couture Communications [projects / website], this writing experience begins with a box that looks as if it has a linen finish but is actually smooth to the touch. 

The box wrap, Winter & Company’s Corvon Iridescents Bengaline, mimics the color of the hotel’s exterior, while the opulent Blind Sculptured Emboss on the lid emulates a signature element found on ceilings throughout the resort. 

Opening the package reveals a vibrant, offset printed pattern on the inside of the lid which duplicates the funky carpets found inside the hotel. 

And then we come to this beautiful Persimmon hued vellum paper, its sumptuous texture and slight see-through quality making it a treat for the eyes as well as the fingertips. 

Folding back the paper I’m greeted by that same Red paper, this time as a bellyband, which pops delightfully against the cream colored beauty of the large, folded notecards inside.

Each of these 6 oversize cards – roughly 7 1/4 by 7 1/4 inches – boasts the same Sculptured Emboss on the cover as that on the box lid, this time much, much larger. 

Even more impressive is the rose petal feel of the paper – this thanks to the “cashmere” effect Marc Friedland created by applying a Soft Touch to one side of the uncoated sheet. Like the card itself, its heavenly feel seems larger than life. 

For those less formal notes, the Signature Collection “Short Note Compendium” includes 6 smaller (5.75 x 5.75 inches) single-panel notecards with matching envelopes. These include a smaller version of the same Blind Sculptured Emboss we’ve seen throughout, this time at the top of the card, as well as that lovely Soft Touch feel on the front. 

They come beautifully arranged in a book-like package complete with a vertical bellyband on that luscious Persimmon vellum paper, its translucent quality allowing some of the Brown paper behind it to show through.

The small Sculptured Emboss appears on the cover, while a Red ribbon – running through a hole in front and back covers – holds the album closed. 

Inside, another sheet of Persimmon vellum tastefully obscures the notecards, each arranged in steps on the right side through the use of strategically placed Die Cut slots. 

The set also includes an additional “cashmere” card, allowing you and me to test our “writing instrument of choice” to ensure it works with its unique texture, rather than having to find out the hard way when we go to write on one of the precious notecards themselves.

Through its subtle use of color, sensual Soft Touch effects, and that impressive Sculptured Emboss, this stationery set makes it simple to send a bit of this hotel’s luxury to friends and family – far easier than “borrowing” a cottony bathrobe or 2 😉

Project Details

Title Wynn Las Vegas Stationery Set Client Wynn Las Vegas Date 2005 Design Marc Friedland Couture Communications (Marc Friedland: Creative Director) Print Marc Friedland Couture Communications Paper Winter & Company Corvon Iridescents Bengaline,
Custom “Cashmere” Paper,
Persimmon Vellum

Production Details

Print Quantity 300 Finishing and Binding Blind Sculptured Emboss, Hand Assembly
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