Laser Engraved ‘Mumford & Sons’ Gift Box With Bow Ties

When the Grammy-winning Mumford & Sons brought their folk rock sound to Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, the venue wanted to give each member of the British band a “thank you” gift in return. What design firm Recess Creative created not only paid homage to the band’s “Old Timey” vibe and fourth studio album, “Delta,” it did so in a surprising – and surprisingly intricate – way.

Produced by our friends at Italic Press, this magnificent package is 1 of only 6 ever made…and it’s made almost entirely of natural wood! Let’s start with the lid, which slides open with the help of a triangular Laser-Cut finger notch and grooves along the inside of the box. The “Mumford and Sons” logo and various design accents make it look like something you might find on a dusty shelf in an old-fashioned general store.

Now I know what you’re wondering: How did they get so many shades and details out of a piece of wood? Their secret? Their use of different settings on Italic Press’ laser engraver – which enabled them to increase or decrease the burnt look on the wood’s surface, and to exploit the color inconsistencies of the natural wood.

The effect is overwhelming, from the script-like “Mumford and Sons” logo to all of those tiny triangles (or “Deltas”), from Dark Brown to White. Incidentally, the words “Death,” “Divorce,” “Drugs” and “Depression” Laser Engraved on the lid are the 4 main themes to be found on the “Delta” album. In other words, “4 Ds,” as in the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet: Delta! (Wheels within wheels, people 😉)

With the lid removed I’m ready to be blown away by what’s inside…and it does not disappoint! The package turns out to be a super-thick wood display case for 4 elegantly illustrated bow ties.

These rest on their own piece of duplex laminated wood and are protected by a soft felt mount, which adds a further tactile experience, too. Each bow tie consists of a piece of wood that has been delicately Laser Engraved with a different illustration in much the same way the box lid was.

Each tie is inspired by 1 of 4 songs off the “Delta” album, the song title Laser Engraved on a wood placard glued into the display case just beneath them. Beneath each title, also Laser Engraved, is a brief explanation of how the symbols on the bow tie relate to the song.

On the back of the ties are the Mumford & Sons name and corresponding song title, while the center features different materials appropriate to their respective song, such as a faux snakeskin for the song “Slip Away.” And of course there is a ribbon strap on the back for easy wearing.

The unique look of this piece – the box lid in particular – is so inspiring, I instantly began brainstorming ways you and I can get the same look and haptic experience by using paper – from Raised UV to shiny Foil. Yes Foil, since digital options allow for super-small quantities.

As for bow ties…I think I’m going to stick with necklaces, if it’s all the same to you 😉

Project Details

Title Laser Engraved “Mumford & Sons” Gift Box Client Recess Creative (for Scotiabank Arena)
 Design Recess Creative (Wilson Duong) Print Italic Press

Production Details

Print Quantity 6
 Production Time 7 business days
 Finishing and Binding Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving, Hand Assembly

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