Weekly Paper Inspiration

My Favorite Place to Crash

Everyone’s favorite place to crash is home of course! Whether it’s a Victorian row house in the city, an igloo on the frozen tundra, a tent in the mountains, or a house in the tallest tree, there’s just no place like More »

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Eric Harvey Business Card

Remember when smartphone covers first came out and the more creative among us customized them? My niece covered hers with little “diamonds.” Her phone cover was a one-of-a-kind creation that instantly set her apart. Designer Eric Harvey has done that too by personalizing prêt-à-porter business cards.

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New Move Trend Diary

“Stop the world and let me off!” It’s a great lyric because who doesn’t feel that way once in awhile? After all, life seems to be getting more complex at a faster and faster and faster pace.

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Happy New Year from 2communiqué

This self-promotion piece has an artful format – an accordion-folded string of six panels in an open-ended, kraft-colored paper carrier. The organic look and feel connects with potential and existing customers on all the right levels – interactively, tactilely and visually.

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Weingarten Art Group Brochures

The communications pieces designed for this international art consultant are as crisp and fresh as the work of a breakout artist hanging on the walls of your favorite gallery. Filled with light and air, the unconventional approach gives the brochure and newsletter a timeless appeal.

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Holiday Gift Wrap

No, it was never intended to be a poster. We do suspect however that many recipients turned this 34 x 22 sheet of wrapping paper into a poster. And we further surmise that they had a hard time deciding which side to display.

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