Weekly Paper Inspiration

Calitho Commemorative Flag

We have to salute the team at Studio Hinrichs who designed this Calitho promotion to create an impact with size, color and presentation. Standing out at More »

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Cult Partners Holiday Promotion

Cult Partners’ year-end promotion is sooo appropriate for their client base. But really, who wouldn’t love 90-proof white rum made by an artisan distillery and presented in this beautifully labeled bottle? You can see their inspirations – snowdrifts, mid-century design, abstract type, and holiday nostalgia – in every design choice they …

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Leap for Survival Invitation

The reason for this fund-raising dinner? Very special frogs. With fewer than 120 corroboree frogs left in the wild, Australia’s Taronga Zoo required a stirring concept for their charity event, and Another Colour gave them just that with the Leap for Survival invitation.

To create a sense of hope that invitees could help rejuvenate the corroboree’s population, the design team decided …

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IN THE DESIGN STUDIO: Beauty of Engraving

When Neenah Paper asked Michael Osborne to create this exclusive print for The Beauty of Engraving gallery, the president and creative director of MODSF found inspiration from his personal collection of currency, stocks and bonds. Hoping to educate young designers about …

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Zoo Ball Invitation

The invitation for the 2014 Fort Worth Zoo Ball is a glory of intricate, laser diecut shapes on the shimmering surface of Curious Metallics Ice Gold Cover.

A stepped, five-panel card unwinds in an illusion of depth and reflection. One side of the shimmering paper is printed in red, which gives an interesting alternating color effect thanks to the accordion folding …

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dVice4: From Sustenance to Sensation

With this latest issue, Digital Color Concepts once again takes us on an unforgettable journey. The fourth edition, the first to be produced completely by digital means on digital papers, explores the food culture of New York City. From taco trucks to the fine-dining rooms of haute cuisine, the …

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