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Billing itself as “an owner, developer and manager of unique hotels deeply rooted in their location and architecture,” the Sydell Group decided to forego the usual hotel-room books filled with More »

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Super Bowl Party Invitation

NFL team owners are really big on big. Big stadiums. Big players. Big wins. So when the National Football League wanted to get owners to attend its party for this year’s Super Bowl face-off between the Conference Champs in Phoenix, they went long, they went deep, and they went big.


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Banned Books Decoder Poster

When you get right down to it, the urge to ban a creative work comes from a deep-seated fear that artist and audience are somehow in on a joke that’s far beyond your understanding; in other words, a conspiracy.

The devious minds at Spindletop Design plugged into this psychology beautifully with the …

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Tenshen Wine Labels

It takes a certain talent to make the elaborate seem effortless, the complex seem simple. And so it is here with these two labels for Tenshen Wines. Cult Partners uses the underlying theme of tension (the kind involved in making the right move at the right time) to create a visually …

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Lovesong Chapbook

The romantic souls at Beirut’s Communica Design transformed the poetic verse and watercolor paintings of Beirut artist Afaf Zurayk into a light and airy 56-page meditation on love and all its complications.


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My-Ness Chapbook

My delight … my pleasure … in having the chance to view and read [my-ness], a chapbook published by Missing Links Press. Ingalls Design created this thoughtful and inspiring printed piece. The details serve to complement and enrich Jane Hirshfield’s moving poetry where each selection begins with the word “My.”


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