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Found Dharma Talks

Premieres. Launches. Rollouts. Debuts. No matter what name we give to our creative opening acts, no matter how much work we put into getting “there,” the big concern is not so much whether or More »

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Alphabet Flash Cards

Each year Legion Paper and Flywheel Press team up to create a wonderful take-away to give to those who attend the National Stationery Show in New York City. From the concept to the collaboration of many talented designers involved, this year’s gift entitled “S is for Stationery” is …

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Big Island Coffee Roasters

When I think of Hawaii, there are some stereotypical images that come to mind immediately – fragrant orchid leis, surfboards on the beach, those flowery shirts that Magnum P.I. wore. Happily, Un- studio chose a palette and graphics for this packaging project that showed a more …

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Tompert Self-Promotional Coasters

A love for craftsmanship, materials and the tactile nature of letterpress printing in a digital world inspired this self-promotional piece from Tompert Design … well, that and a conversation about their favorite cocktails. And of course this client gift was one of those teachable moments as …

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A Harder Nut to Crack

Just when I thought pistachios and Stephen Colbert were my favorite nuts, this fun change of address announcement came our way. SK Designworks used the coincidence of street names as their inspiration.

Find out more about A Harder Nut to Crack.

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Drifter Media Business Cards

Business cards are an expression of identity in its most basic and most profound sense. A visual manifesto in miniature viewed for a brief moment needs to make an instant impact. Patrick Belanger, artisan designer and owner of Drifter Media, understands this at the cellular level.

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