Weekly Paper Inspiration

Gear Fit VIP Launch Kit

When it comes to packaging design that has a premium look and feel, the Samsung brand is consistently at the top of the game. This Gear Fit VIP launch kit was created and produced by Structural Graphics in conjunction with TracyLocke. More »

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AIGA Gift Wrap Collection

What do you get when you mix fluorescent inks, festive designers, cash bar, exclusive venue, beautiful paper, photo booth, prizes, and games in the month of December? (Well, noooo, but close.) You get the 2013 holiday party for the New York chapter of AIGA and an orgy of gift wrap that we’re sure ended up being used as posters too.

Event organizers made good …

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Eco-friendly Calendar

It’s September, and the crop of 2015 calendars is already on retail shelves. So many wonderful themes to choose from and every imaginable format, from the small ones you can tuck in your purse to the large ones you can hang on the wall. Folks trying to be more sustainably minded create ingenious perpetual calendars, but this design from Memac Ogilvy takes that …

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Silvaurum Bottle Label

If you’ve been to an olive oil tasting bar – which have sprung up in tourist towns and strip malls alike – there seem to be as many varieties and makers as olive oil’s cousin, vino. And as any savvy marketer knows, if a bottle goes onto the shelf with that much competition, the identity and the label better be as attention-grabbing and memorable as …

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Andina Identity

So, your client manages money, lots of money … at least you hope it’s lots of money. This can be a tricky identity to create. On the one hand, the firm needs to be conservative (no one wants hippie-dippie Howie investing their capital). On the other, the look should speak to the company’s expertise and success in a tastefully upscale way. How did …

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Wayward Arts Small Cards

This band of errant creatives hits another one out of the collaborative park. For each issue of Wayward Arts, a different award-winning Canadian design studio works with the finest print craftsmen and the finest paper to produce the magazine of their dreams. Business card connoisseurs will find Issue 10 particularly enlightening and entertaining.

Find out …

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