Weekly Paper Inspiration

Rose & Root Packaging

When you’re a company like Reorient that sells people on beautiful bottles of something you refer to as an artisanal herbal “elixir,” your packaging should appear every bit as magical and exquisite as your product sounds. No problem, said Aslan Graphics, who developed a unique box indeed for Reorient’s Rose & Root tonics. More »

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The Gentlemen Adventurers Business Cards


Digital printing has dramatically freed us from having to present the same staid (and boring) face to the world, nowhere more so than with the humble business card. Inspired by the fantastic sartorial creations to be found in a local performing arts center in San Rafael, Calif., designer Rick Byrne developed …

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Few industries are as widely known for their creative packaging as the wine and spirits biz. And when you have an evocative name like “Diablo’s Shadow,” the pressure’s on to be that much more visually stunning. Employing gothic lettering, felt-like paper labels and a simple-but-clever illustration trick, Cult Partners ensured the …

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Paventy & Brown Orthodontics Brand Identity

Getting braces when you’re young makes a difficult time that much more so. But as this identity for Oregon’s Paventy & Brown Orthodontics demonstrates, the difference between an ordeal and an adventure occasionally comes down to branding.

Drawing on the state’s renowned outdoorsy nature, Test Monki crafted an entire brand experience that …

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Currents Identity

Seldom do you see much thought put into the marketing of an apartment development these days, even a luxury one. That’s not the case with Currents, a Plymouth, Minn. community whose online nautical theme blends creatively with a truly sumptuous identity system.

Minneapolis design studio This is Folly went overboard (in …

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Finefolk Marketing Materials

“There is power in being fundamental, strong, simple and thoughtful.” These words, which reflect the philosophy of most designers, are actually the core values of Finefolk, a small shop and design studio tucked away in the western part of Kansas City, Mo.

Inspired by the high-end craftsmanship of the pieces in stylist + …

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