Weekly Paper Inspiration

Hotel Daniel LoftCube Mailing

Austria’s Hotel Daniel Graz set a new standard for architecture and design with the installation of German designer Werner Aisslinger’s LoftCube on their roof. While the 144-square-foot dwelling may seem small, the 360-degree view of Graz is easily one of the most spectacular in the city. More »

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Worker B Candle Packaging


Specializing in natural skincare products coming straight from the hive, Worker B appreciates the skilled labor and craftsmanship that goes into letterpress printing – both qualities they find reflective of their own products.

So when it came time to develop custom packaging for their Hexagonal Pillar Candle, they turned …

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First Press Olive Oil

In this unique celebration of 100 years of true craftsmanship, this limited release organic olive oil comes straight from the Kallas family orchard in the southern Peloponnesian region of Greece. Having built a reputation in crafted holiday gifting, MET Fine Printers partnered with the design team of Michael Shea and …

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William Roam Stationery


When you seek to provide the nation’s top hotels and spas with luxurious body lotions and other high-end amenities, what approach should you take with your print communications? In the case of William Roam, the answer is classy yet playful, thanks to the use of several printing and finishing techniques.

“They wanted …

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Rose & Root Packaging


When you’re a company like Reorient that sells people on beautiful bottles of something you refer to as an artisanal herbal “elixir,” your packaging should appear every bit as magical and exquisite as your product sounds. No problem, said Aslan Graphics, who …

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The Gentlemen Adventurers Business Cards


Digital printing has dramatically freed us from having to present the same staid (and boring) face to the world, nowhere more so than with the humble business card. Inspired by the fantastic sartorial creations to be found in a local performing arts center in San Rafael, Calif., designer Rick Byrne developed …

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