Weekly Paper Inspiration

Grotefeld Hoffman Sales and Marketing Kit

Bridging the distance between a client’s initial experience with a company (often online these days) and that first face-to-face meeting can be challenging. That’s where printed marketing kits play a critical role. Faust Ltd. has executed this suite of materials in an unprecedented way (for a law firm), and it works magnificently. More »

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Origami Calendar

Shlomi Kramer, a designer for HP’s Indigo division, has a personal passion for raised ink, and the result on this 2014 calendar is a flight of design imagination that set my heart wings to fluttering.

Using the theme of an origami bird, Kramer designed stunning illustrations – flocks coming together to form beautiful shapes in bright colors: flower, pagoda, sphere, leaf, …

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Motion Silhouette

What B. J. Novak accomplished in his recently published “The Book with No Pictures,” Tatsuhiko Niijima and Megumi Kajiwara have done in their book with no words. “Motion Silhouette” is an exquisitely handcrafted piece that turns the notion of a traditional printed book on its head to become a performance piece.

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Nick Cave: Sojourn

The Denver Art Museum described the exhibit as a shared experience between viewer and Nick Cave – “a pioneer among a growing number of artists exploring the intersection of craft, performance and fine art.” The exhibition catalog, brilliantly executed by Faust, was also a shared experience between the talented creative team and …

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Table Talk

Inspired by the sweet interactions of the family, SWOON [The Studio] used simple materials and a pulled-back design to support the strong story told in this limited-edition self-promotional book for photographer Dick Patrick.

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Boxed Notes

Happily, there are still so many of us who love receiving and sending cards, letters and notes in the mail. Picking stationery for those special messages is not very different from selecting a fine wine – color, finish, pairing with the right person – all come into play. This set of boxed notes designed by More »