Weekly Paper Inspiration

Eric Harvey Business Card

Remember when smartphone covers first came out and the more creative among us customized them? My niece covered hers with little “diamonds.” Her phone cover was a one-of-a-kind creation that instantly set her apart. More »

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New Move Trend Diary

“Stop the world and let me off!” It’s a great lyric because who doesn’t feel that way once in awhile? After all, life seems to be getting more complex at a faster and faster and faster pace.

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Happy New Year from 2communiqué

This self-promotion piece has an artful format – an accordion-folded string of six panels in an open-ended, kraft-colored paper carrier. The organic look and feel connects with potential and existing customers on all the right levels – interactively, tactilely and visually.

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Weingarten Art Group Brochures

The communications pieces designed for this international art consultant are as crisp and fresh as the work of a breakout artist hanging on the walls of your favorite gallery. Filled with light and air, the unconventional approach gives the brochure and newsletter a timeless appeal.

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Holiday Gift Wrap

No, it was never intended to be a poster. We do suspect however that many recipients turned this 34 x 22 sheet of wrapping paper into a poster. And we further surmise that they had a hard time deciding which side to display.

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Alecom Corporate Brochure

“Let Us Lighten the Load.” To convey this marketing message, Cacao Design created a truly unique corporate brochure that literally floats inside its white presentation box. Cutouts on either side of the box reveal a stripe of signature color (orange) and a feat of levitation that would make David Copperfield proud.

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