Weekly Paper Inspiration

Table Talk

Inspired by the sweet interactions of the family, SWOON [The Studio] used simple materials and a pulled-back design to support the strong story told in this limited-edition self-promotional book for photographer Dick Patrick. More »

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Boxed Notes

Happily, there are still so many of us who love receiving and sending cards, letters and notes in the mail. Picking stationery for those special messages is not very different from selecting a fine wine – color, finish, pairing with the right person – all come into play. This set of boxed notes designed by More »

Bookjigs Woodland Series

I had to pry this out of the hands of a certain PaperSpecs team member who shall remain nameless. (Given the set of three lined notebooks and box of No. 2 pencils complete with sharpener and erasers, it won’t be too hard to narrow down the possible suspects.) Her enthusiasm did extend to the design, as well it should.

In addition …

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Law Office of Matthew Messina Identity

If I asked you to imagine an identity suite for a law office – and I’m talking all the pieces: letterhead, #10 envelope, business card, and notecards – this is likely not what you’d picture. In fact, it’s so atypical, I’m thinking the design team or the client is a risk-taker. Of course, the real story is much more interesting.

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The 442s CD Case

I expect music to transport me to various emotional states, but this refreshingly unique CD case from the Husbandmen manages to take me to another physical world as well.

The concept behind the CD packaging is perfectly in tune with the music inside. The creative design duo collaborated with the client – a …

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Gear Fit VIP Launch Kit

When it comes to packaging design that has a premium look and feel, the Samsung brand is consistently at the top of the game. This Gear Fit VIP launch kit was created and produced by Structural Graphics in conjunction with TracyLocke.

Sent to a variety of recipients from carrier retail stores to VIPs, the premium package included the Gear Fit, Gear …

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