Weekly Paper Inspiration

Grand Hyatt Residences Book

In a word … sumptuous. Paper, printing, finishing, and design – Robert Louey Design blended message, identity and materials to create a love potion (in the form of a Smyth-sewn, over-sized book) for this world-class residence in India. More »

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Anne Lessmeister Business Card

“All the world’s a stage,” wrote Shakespeare. The same can be said for this delightfully different business card that was designed, photographed, printed, and assembled in-house by the creatives at Perezramerstorfer. Their actress client, Anne Lessmeister, literally takes center stage in this mini paper play with four acts.

A circular window, cut by …

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McLane Stadium Dedication Invitation Package

The in-house design team at Baylor University scored big time on this project – an invitation to the dedication ceremony for their new McLane Stadium. With multiple stakeholders to consider and so many components to orchestrate, the package is one for the record books.

Combining past and present, the designers used a …

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Bridging Business Culture Politics

The design team at Zeppelin University created a shining example of how to bring a concept to life. Their theme is a lofty one: Bridging the distance between people through education, bridging the gap between a student’s present and her future, and bridging the academic disciplines within the university.

One amazing element …

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Girl and Dragon Label

Cult Partners takes us on a “Game of Thrones” like adventure in Gothic-luxe style with this wistful wine label. The stock choice, palette and illustrations make the tale of this bottle irresistible.

Flexo printed in 4-color, the first thing that catches my eye is the romantic illustration of the girl – flowing …

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Krampus Defence Kit

Little known but much feared in German-speaking cultures, Krampus is the Yin to Santa’s Yang. While Santa gives gifts during Christmas, Krampus doles out punishment for bad behavior. (Uh oh.) The design team at Swink used this folklore to inspire a very inventive holiday self-promotion: the Krampus Defence Kit.

From the jingle bells …

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