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Why did Neenah choose real estate as the theme of the newest volume in its “Explore” series? Perhaps it has something to do with the reported 1.3 million members of the National Association of Realtors, for starters. Whether it’s national companies or local independent offices, real estate is a big market for design and print.

“Explore 6: Considerations for Real Estate” takes a look at creative uses of design, print, color and texture for standing out in an ultra-competitive market. (While all the pieces featured in “Explore 6” focus on real estate, all these ideas are transferrable to ANY project!)

The new promotion includes 16 different printed samples. And, as with all its promotions, Neenah provides the dielines for each piece on its website as a free download. Why reinvent the wheel?

You’ll want to add this to your “Explore” collection (see below for how to get a copy). But first, here’s a quick look inside.

Personal real estate branding is a must for new agents who are looking to get noticed; 70% of buyers and sellers say they use the first real estate agent they contact.

Direct mail is a marketing tool that has stood the test of time and is still relevant in the digital age. This piece combines the heft of ENVIRONMENT Concrete 100 lb. Cover and 17 pt. Raw Digital with the pop of ASTROBRIGHTS Solar Yellow to deliver a memorable message.

The unboxing moment has big meaning for potential homeowners and sellers. Who doesn’t love a miniature box filled with something to sweeten the deal?

Speaking of sweet, the texture of CLASSIC Woodgrain gives this custom wrap the homey touch, while making a solid, memorable impression.

What better way to become a resource for new clients than by creating a brochure with all the hot spots for local dining and entertainment? Research shows 70% more people remember the name of a business that has communicated with them in a tangible way.

“Explore 6,” and the “Explore” series, are designed to inspire both design and print. Their purpose is to give designers new ideas for short run projects, and show that the “default” for digital printing doesn’t have to be white paper. Starting with a colored paper or including a “must touch” texture can elevate the design and give any short run project a unique appeal.

The “Explore” series is now a collection of six volumes, containing a collective total of 60+ samples showing how paper color and texture can spark new ideas to enhance your next digital print project.

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