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twig-n-fig-125Berkeley’s Twig & Fig – home of couture stationery that reminds us why it is we love paper so much in the first place – kindly welcomed PaperSpecs’ Sabine Lenz to hang out and geek out over print design. Many thanks to Suzie McKig (aka Twig) and Serge Vigeant (Fig) for giving her a guided tour of some of their prize creations…and understanding when she just had to hang onto an invitation or two for a while longer than necessary.

Sabine gives us a wee little peek at what she saw during her Twig & Fig excursion below:

Berkeley's Twig & Fig couture stationery

Just when you thought you had seen it all… Suzie pulls out all the stops 😉 I can’t share all the secrets here, but let me say this invitation involved fake fur, screen printing, laser edging, acrylic, wood and some…crystals?


Berkeley's Twig & Fig couture stationery

True letterpress perfection at work: blind embossed zig-zag pattern and blue imprinted S-emblen. Super-tight registration that only a perfectionist like Serge of Twig & Fig can master.


Berkeley's Twig & Fig couture stationery

Nautical theme without any blue. Sculptured embossed knot at the top, letterpressed text. Laser-cut paddles with hand-painted handles and laser-edged emblem, and the outside of the envelope is cloth. Swoon….


Berkeley's Twig & Fig couture stationery

Wood veneer RSVP cards…letterpressed.


Berkeley's Twig & Fig couture stationery

Deep letterpress-imprinted knife and fork with just a touch of color, blue type for the menu, and a cloth belly band that is held in place with a red wax seal. What will Suzie think of next?


Berkeley's Twig & Fig couture stationery

Serge had me fooled here for a moment. The foil is so deeply pressed into the paper that it looked like a deboss or edging. But no, just foil magic on a gold paper.


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