Elegant Picture Frame Calendar

Calendar/mirror/picture frameFedrigoni laid down the gauntlet to designers around the world: create a calendar to promote our Woodstock paper line…and the world’s designers said “Hot damn, you got it!” The results have ranged from the good to the sublime (including this clever one). And toward the high end of the spectrum, Jihye Lee‘s 2015 triple threat: a calendar, mirror and picture frame.

The piece contains one 160 gsm page for each month, each a different color. All 12 are glued together using Post-it glue. And each page is intricately laser cut, from the elegant pattern around its edges to the center oval where you can either house a 4×6-inch photograph, or use the mirror underneath.

We’ve seen some nicely done calendars in our time, but for a piece that takes up little room and is something you’d actually keep on your desk year round, this is a tough act to beat.

Calendar/mirror/picture frameCalendar/mirror/picture frameCalendar/mirror/picture frameCalendar/mirror/picture frameCalendar/mirror/picture frame


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