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macaroni bros business card

Business cards can be beautiful, yes, informative, absolutely, but can the little beggars ever actually be useful? Oh yes. This week, we whip up some pasta, clear up our complexion, and smoke ’em if we’ve got ’em. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here.)

You Gonna Eat that?

Running with their pasta-rich theme, design and branding firm Macaroni Bros. prepared this business card whose die-cut center perfectly measures 100 grams of spaghetti. Mama mia!

macaroni bros business card


Dermatologist’s Business Card

This one was a lot harder to make than it looks. In order to print on a real organic cotton pad, the wizards at Jukebox Print had to employ a special vertical letterpress to handle the extremely soft material.

dermatologist business card


Just for Personal use, Man

Even before pot began its gradual slide toward legality, you couldn’t walk more than a few blocks in any major city without passing a head shop of some kind. This one got the bright idea of transforming their business card into a rolling-paper dispenser…though admittedly for some fairly emaciated cigs.

head shop business card


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