Pepsi’s Spectacular Font Fail

pepsiPepsi has a long history of partnering with just about anybody to get that extra little bit of exposure. But Pepsi and… No, this is actually “Pepsi x Aape,” but that font choice, man….yeesh! They’re called “copy editors” people…

This becomes far less shocking, however, when you realize these ads were most likely placed throughout large Japanese cities like Tokyo (Aape is a spin-off brand from Japanese fashion label A Bathing Ape aka Bape). From T-shirts to signage, part of that nation’s charm is its frequent use of wildly inappropriate American phrases.

And judging by the proliferation of Japanese kanji gracing the limbs and torsos of Americans these days, chances are good that someone’s sporting their own version of “Pepsi x Rape” at this very moment.

[H/T: FastCoDesign]


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