Designer End-of-the-world Kit

hodgman125A great many opportunities were missed when the world stubbornly refused to end as predicted in 2012. Humorist John Hodgman alone was left with a surplus of 500 “Ragnarok Survival Kits” that he’d painstakingly designed with Queen of Type Jessica Hische. You can still pick one up for $150.

Sure, the centerpiece is a DVD of Hodgman’s Netflix special Ragnarok, but it’s all the little extras that appeal to us. Jessica Hische supplied the fancy lettering for the urine flask (you know what to do), as well as all the typography and lettering for the jar of survival mayonnaise, unisex fragrance, and other goodies.

Don’t feel bad, John. We’re of the opinion that the world did, in fact, end at the end of 2012. We mean really, have you had a good look around lately?






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