TNA Winners Got to the Church on Time

tna1bWhen graphic design couple Kelley and Joe Galbreath decided to get married, their refreshing interpretation of the wedding invitation likely took most of their invited guests by surprise. After all, how many wedding invites have you received that are printed with black ink on newsprint in a tabloid format, and include a BBQ bib and a potentially disturbing portrait of the bride and groom?

“This was our chance to play and have fun, create our own personal plan for our own special day. So we just kind of went with it,” explains Kelley who, along with her then fiancé, Joe, created the design that won the PaperSpecs Gallery Take Note Award for Q1 2013.


Their personal sense of humor and inclination for fun can be seen throughout the invitation suite, which includes a:

  • BBQ bib designed to be cut out and used for an out-of-towners dinner the night before the nuptials
  • No-fuss, fold-me-up-and-take-me-along tourist guide complete with maps, local history and tourist destinations of the host city
  • Blended photo the couple created of themselves (left half is his face/right half is her face) with the caption reading “Together Forever.”



“That photo was a last-minute addition that I think got more comments, good and bad, from everyone that received it,” laughs Kelley. “I loved that you can take the invitation, fold it up, shove it in your pocket and really use it as a guide around downtown Chattanooga. The newsprint printing concept, for me, is everything. Anything else wouldn’t have felt appropriate.”


“The map was such a nerdy design technical thing to do, but it was really fun to work on,” remembers Joe.


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