Swatchbook Whisks You off to Utopia

utopiaWith our appetites duly whetted by Appleton Coated’s recent release of the “One of a Kind: PrintUtopia Digital” promotion, we were eager to finally get a glimpse of its Utopia papers swatchbook. Not surprisingly, it does not disappoint.

First, let’s take a look at the papers:

  • Utopia Premium (Gloss, Silk, Ivory Silk): Smooth surface with a blue-white shade geared toward photography and fine art
  • U1X (Gloss, Silk, Matte): Smooth, ultra-bright, blue-white sheet that provides “even light reflection for greater clarity and very smooth ink lay”
  • Utopia One (Gloss, Dull, Matte): Blue-white shade that’s “perfect for flesh tones and warm colors – a shade-match to Premium”
  • U2:XG (Gloss, Dull, Matte, Ivory Matte): A versatile sheet boasting an “environmental pedigree supporting sustainability initiatives without compromise”
  • utopia3Utopia Two (Gloss, Dull, Matte): A reasonable cost blue-white shade designed for “high-volume projects that need true-to-life reproduction”
  • Utopia Three (Matte, Gloss for web-only): Made-to-order for high-volume direct mail pieces.

A “print demos” section gives you a good idea of which paper will work with your project, while the Utopia GPS (Green Product Selector) helps you choose the most environmentally friendly option available.



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