Cool Packaging: Loish Kickstarter Rewards

loish packaging

We’ve featured a fair number of crowdfunded projects over the years but this is the first time we’ve been moved to discuss the packaging of what funders actually receive once something has been successfully completed. Whereas many users of Kickstarter and other sites seem content to simply drop your pledge premium in a padded envelope and have done with it, artist Loish went the extra mile with the packaging for her new art book: The Art of Loish: A Look Behind the Scenes.

Mailing Box

The simple cardboard mailer is blank on one side where the shipping label goes. On the other, a reproduction of one of the artist’s sketches and the book’s title. (From what we’ve seen, there are at least two versions of the box art.) Keep in mind she’s already long since collected the money for the project; with this package she’s now advertising to whoever sees this sitting outside somebody’s door.

loish packaging

The Reveal

Nothing fancy but note how a place was made at the top for the deck of playing cards that was included as part of a stretch goal.

loish packaging


The bottom section is actually a removable slipcase for the book itself.

loish packaging


Beneath the slipcase, a bookmark (another premium) and a brochure for other products on offer from the same publisher, though note how they customized the cover of the latter by featuring one of this artist’s works.

loish packaging

The Second Reveal

Out comes the book itself from the slipcase…

loish packaging

Playing Cards

Finally, the bonus playing cards are an excellent way to show off the artist’s creations to other people who might be interested in her work. As more and more artists and designers move toward drumming up funds for their passion projects via crowdfunding, a little bit of planning when it comes to packaging can mean the difference between a good experience and a great one.

loish packaging

[Video made by artist Jellie Bee]


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