Pepsi Patents Paper Bottle

pepsiThe Pepsi Generation may soon become the Paper Generation, according to a patent that recently came to light. The PepsiCo patent application – filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization – describes a  process for making bottles from paper fibers, though an internal plastic liner would still be used on the inside, according to

Exactly how this would be accomplished remains unclear, as experts interviewed for the piece suggest that the packaging would only be good for partially carbonated beverages such as draft beers, rather than fully carbonated ones like Pepsi’s flagship product. Of course Pepsi also sells a variety of non-carbonated drinks, including Naked and Tropicana juices and Aquafina bottled waters.

The world’s first paper wine bottle only recently hit the market last November with the appropriately named Paperboy wine, inside a bottle designed by the UK’s GreenBottle.



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