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folio_125Most writers would be chuffed to bits simply to have their book chosen as the winner of a £40,000 (about $66,500) prize. But London’s Folio Society, publisher of the world’s great books in finely-designed collector’s editions, couldn’t just leave it at a check, a handshake, and a quick shove of the winner in the direction of the customary chicken dinner.

The Society enlisted British design heavy hitters Sir Kenneth Grange and Mike Dempsey to craft the prize itself, with the help of Consultancies Sunday and Planning Unit, which created the branding and look of the Prize. And really, what an amazing job they’ve done, as you can see below.

The prize consists of a letterpressed certificate crafted by Wyvern Bindery featuring “The Folio Prize 2014” embossed vertically along the left-hand margin of the document, and a gold-foil seal at the bottom right. A calligrapher was used to fill in the particulars of this year’s prize winner: American George Saunders for his book of short stories, The Tenth of December.


The certificate was then rolled up, tied with red ribbon, and secured in a beautiful, gold blocked, red-leather-bound pentagon box with a marbled interior.


This, the very first Folio Prize, was awarded to Saunders back in December. He’s welcome to keep the $66.5 K, but we wouldn’t mind taking that gorgeous trophy package off his hands. (What a PaperSpecs PRO Golden Ticket item that would make!)




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