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Doctors and lawyers go to school for years on end and have to pass rigorous exams; plumbers, electricians and other skilled professionals learn their craft in trade schools. Designers, on the other hand, learn much of what they need to know on the job, and quickly realize there is some knowledge they really can’t do without.

How do you avoid cracking along the spine of your project, for example? Or what do all of those paper grade terms mean? What do I need to know about sustainability? Help!!!

We know what it’s like being thrown into the deep end when it comes to design and printing, and we’re here to help. PaperSpecs PRO members have instant access to short videos on practically everything you can think of when it comes to paper, in addition to hundreds of text and video “PRO Tips.” Still have questions? Then simply drop our Paper Concierge a line via email and get those questions answered quickly!

And don’t miss these other PRO benefits:

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