Mohawk Upping Envelope Output

Mohawk_125The paper business is a complicated one in the digital age. You have to zig when the competition zags, and back ventures that, to a casual observer, seem counterintuitive. If you’re Mohawk, that also means boosting production of envelopes at a time when the postal system they zip through is on life support.

Next year, Mohawk will make up to 2.5 billion envelopes, compared with the roughly 600 million they make annually today, according to The  Business Review in Albany. (The $18 million to $20 million they currently make on envelopes makes up about 8% of Mohawk’s total sales, according to the piece)

The envelopes are being targeted at “specialty customers” such as Shutterfly, with Mohawk positioning itself to be an alternative to large print company Cenevo.

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