[Webinar Q&A] Uncoated Paper: Reap the Marketing Rewards

52-webinar-imageAfter the recent free PaperSpecs Webinar, “Uncoated Paper: Reap the Marketing Rewards,” Carrie Otto, print production manager at Neenah Paper, graciously agreed to answer viewer questions about this intriguing subject. Among the subjects covered: stochastic printing on uncoated; sheets made for xerographic printing; conventional vs. UV ink,s and more.

Is the “white” type on florescent stock stamped, printed or screened?

If they are referring to the “You’re Invited” card, it actually printed PMS 877 Metallic Silver.

And if printed, is it in litho?

Yes, this was printed litho.

Any special techniques to print white ink on color stock?

Multiple dry passes of opaque white ink will yield your best results. One hit will be good. You can do another hit of opaque white, but more than that will typically not give you any better results, meaning it won’t be whiter. After printing opaque white you can overprint 4c or PMS colors, as that works well. Another option would be to print a metallic ink first (silver) and then go back in a separate pass and overprint a PMS color. That will give you a pop of color on the colored stock.

Is it usual that the designer will be at the print plant to supervise the run?

This really varies by design firm as it relates to budget and to the importance of the project that is being run. The question that needs to be answered is, “Is it a good investment of your time and money” for your client?

Could Neenah comment on their more exotic sheets (textured, colored) that are made specifically for xerographic printing?

We have a wide range of textured and color sheets in varied basis weights to choose from. Go to www.neenahpaper.com/digitalpapers for more information.

…And possibly what the exact different is.

The difference is that our digital items have a Universal Digital Finish on them which provides exceptional print fidelity and ink holdout . It’s a special “juice” that is put on the sheet.

Can you talk to us about the type of proofs provided by the printer so that you know what to expect before you see the pressrun?

The best proofs are Epson color proofs. If possible have the proofs run out on the actual stock. This will help when printing on colored stock. If this is not possible, you can always request ink drawdowns to help you see colored ink on the paper. Another suggestion would be to run proofs out on a digital press.

Are most of these printed (ink on paper) showing conventional inks or UV inks on the uncoated?

Based on the production notes that were included with the commercial samples that I used, they were all conventional inks.

How does stochastic hold up on uncoated?

Stochastic works well on uncoated. No issues whatsoever.  Neenah Paper has printed s few of our annual reports and some of our promotions stochastically and the artwork looks great.

(And to watch that insightful webinar in full, click here.)


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