GPA Joins Fedrigoni Group

Fedrigoni GroupSubstrate maker GPA has just announced it is joining Italy’s Fedrigoni Group, and already we’re excited by the prospect of gaining access to all of those luxurious Fedrigoni papers that are hard to come by stateside. (We’re greedy that way.)

“We are extremely pleased, because thanks to GPA, the Fedrigoni Group will now be able to serve and support the US specialty substrate market with well-consolidated coverage; this will constitute a solid base for the future distribution of complementary products,” says Fedrigoni Group CEO Claudio Alfonsi.

Using our wishful-thinking translation software, we read this to mean, “Our North American cousins, you will now have ready access to beautiful papers such as our Fabriano Carving Ice and so much more. And here are the keys to our corporate villa in Venice.”

Whether this will actually come to be (the first part, anyway), only time will tell. Still, it’s so nice to have something to look forward to.


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