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marou chocolate wrapper designGood design becomes great design when creatives are not only allowed but encouraged to take a risk, which just so happens to be the theme this time around. This week, we endure another Tax Day in luxury, salivate over the imaginative wrappings of a chocolate bar, and look into the future with an eye-catching annual report. (For more Cool Designs of the week, indulge in some risky business by checking them out here.)

Government Audit Survival Kit Design

Design and branding firm Element Three came up with the perfect come-on for accounting firm Jameson & Co. to send to 52 potential clients: items any company would need to weather an audit, all tucked away in an elegant wooden box (complete with laser engraved logo). The four gifts inside are all letterpress printed and foil stamped, including “Test Your CPA” flashcards, camomile tea bags, a bottle of “audit headache relief” pills (actually Tic-Tacs), and a worry stone. (UnderConsideration has some lovely photos of all of this here.)

audit relief kit designaudit relief kit design

Chocolate Packaging Design

How hard is it to package chocolate – people will buy it wrapped in a burlap sack, right? Probably. But when you’re selling a premium chocolate in Paris’ upscale grocery store La Grande Épicerie de Paris, you expect a little more, you know? Vietnam’s Rice Creative came up with three intricate wrappers for three dark chocolate bars for the brand Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat.

The packages depict the iconic Grande Épicerie building – hand drawn – and incorporate a geometric pattern inspired by one glimpsed in the 19th century building’s skylights. And as the bars come in three octane levels – 65%, 75% and 85% cacao content – Rice made each package show the building at three different times of day. The result is almost good enough to eat.

marou chocolate wrapper designmarou chocolate wrapper designmarou chocolate wrapper design

Annual Report Design

The New Frontier Group is one of those technology consultancies that’s so specialized, they can’t even seem to tell you what they really do on their own website, but no matter. They came to Moodley Branding Identity to create for them their 2013 annual report, and  the results were stunning. No reason to spill any more verbiage here – simply soak in the opulence of this striking publication.

Annual Report DesignAnnual Report DesignAnnual Report DesignAnnual Report Design


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