Pioneers of Recycling

“Long before recycling and the expression “sustainable development” became popular, Antonio Lemaire and his three sons were already incorporating recycling into the family business.

“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure,” recounts a recent edition of the Cascades newsletter.

“It was in his family’s kitchen that Antonio Lemaire conducted chemistry rather than cooking experiments while trying to make a pulp from old cardboard boxes. The founding of Drummond Pulp & Fiber in 1957 stems directly from one such experiment that involved combining waste paper with water and conducted with his wife’s electric mixer.

In 1964, Antonio Lemaire and his sons officially started the manufacture of paper from recycled fibers when purchasing a mill in Kinsey Falls (Quebec) that was formerly owned and decommissioned by Dominion Paper Co. With this acquisition, Cascades Paper Inc. was established.”

Recycling an age-old family tradition indeed.


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